Posted by Christian on November 11, 2018

Alright Emilie,

Itís clear your not my enemy,

For a while itís been you and me,

So how do I want to do this? Let me see,

I donít treat you like I should, but your my other wing,

But you should already know that right?

I donít know if things are tight,

But for you, Iíd put up a fight,

Might mean I die tonight,

But oh well,

Itís weird, not one time have we yell-,


at each other,

Looking after one another,

F.Y.I. that ring wasnít a false promise,

Ha! This shit is flawless,

Oh yea, with this,

Neither has established dominance,

Your the first girl I can look at with confidence,

This is something you should know but your the love of my life,

Just maybe end up my wife,

Even though only two times a week you get that kiss goodnight,

You know cuz Iím second and your third shift,

Even during a troublesome mist,

Youríre there so I donít have to worry about getting hit,

Itís crazy how what I said in April started all this shit,

What else to say?

Well babe,

I donít think I have anything else hope thatís okay