Thank You Jamie

Posted by Christian on November 11, 2018

Sorry guys, might suck a lil, kinda over thought this one..

Well, first off thank you,

Even after all the bullshit I put you through,

Because of you and my dad, I am who I am,

I never did give you a chance but damn,

Another thing I never called you mom,

But on this phone, guess what your name is,

Iím doing something I should have done a long time ago,

Iím putting down that wall, Iím tired of being alone,

You showed me what a real mother should do,

Cuz youíve been there thick and through,

I never knew what to think when I first met you,

Then when you guys got married, I didnít know what to think,

But in the blink,

Of an eye,

I realized that seal had been tied,

All my life, Belinda had lied,

To me,

But you,

You were always blunt and true,

Jamie, you never gave up on me,

And you never just let me be,

But I am damn sure proud to not be a hulligan just walking the streets,

But Iím not and you showed me the way and just plain out I would have gotten beat,

But now my head feels like a ticking time bomb,

So with this, I have one thing to say, I love you mom,