Till Death Do Us Apart

Posted by Christian on November 11, 2018

Parental discretion advised (poem contains lyrical murder Ė suicide)

Lately, Iíve been feeling someway,

And sometimes it just doesnít go away,

But Iím still here to this day,

To be honest, I donít know what to say,

So here I go to try this out (aye!),

Is this it? Its life just a guessing game?,

Sometimes I think too many people know my name,

With the world now you never know which is the right way,

The drama, he said , she said shit,

Bitch shut the fuck up before you end up getting hit,

Time to be a hypocrite,

A good friend Dottie, said a lot of

Dynamite can come in a little package,

You fucking dipstick, you know who Iím talking to so here it is,

When your girl got pregnant, you changed,

Weíre close, well, hell, I thought we were you seem to have gone the other lane,

Went as far as someone in the closet, you called a faggot,

Mother fucker, you look like a magot,

Whatís with you catching an attitude with me? (AttitudeÖ.)

Any ways, Iím done with this fool,

Let me find someone else to do,

Now Iím on page two,

Is there someone else I have to do,

Emilie, after thinking it through,

Yours would be big,

Enough I have to dig,

And write another one,

Who else cuz Iím not done,

So Belinda,

But let me tell you how this is bouta,


I donít know How you were back then,

But this was supposed to be called Dear Mom, Again,

You know, all my life you lied to me,

What about that one day you didnít want to see me anymore,

Wasnít even a teenager, like that one day you sent me to my dadís house saying grandpa jerry wanted to see me you pathetic fucking whore,

Oh hey, I see you have a gun,

I want you to tell me why this couldnít be fun,

Nope? you left me to Jamie and I was so done,

Now you tell me how it has to be,

I always knew they were your favorite kids,

That something no one has to place any bids,


I was your favorite pawn,

Play me and you win,

How long has it been?,

Alright Belinda Ann,

All the shit you put me through youíre just another person on this plan



The gun went off earlier than expected,

Hey you alright?, Guess its better than being arrested,

You got a little blood on your side,

Fuck she just fell over I think she just died (to me!),

I think thereís only one way to end this,

*POP* R.I.P. Chris-,