Posted by Christian on November 4, 2018

Hey old man,

It’s been a while but damn,

Since you left shit hit the fan,

But it’s been the same since God took you from your fam,

I’m not really into that Christian stuff but I had to,

Remember all that joking me you and grandma did?

It’s been a while but all that I put a lid,

On it and well now,

In case while you weren’t looking down,

On us,

Life for me has been tough,

I got someone I know you’d like,

Shit, she’d sit with you and watch Dick Van Dike,

I never thought three years later you’d still effect me,

But because of you I just broke into tears and that wasn’t me,

I spoke to grandma the other day,

She’s doing somewhat great,

With her going through therapy,

You’d be proud of me,

I graduated high school in June of 2,000 seventeen,

Grandma was there,

My mom same old shit,

I haven’t talked to her in a long time not one bit,

I have a place to myself now,

Kept my promise went down my good route,

Slowly finding out what life is about,

But without a doubt,

You’d be a proud grandparent,

Remember Violet? Charlene’s rugrat?

Haven’t seen her in a while but she’s doing good in school,

How’s life up there? Treating you pretty cool?

Grandpa, to be honest, I just want to hear your voice again,

With this I’m just gonna lay down my pen