The Queen She Is

Posted by Christian on October 14, 2018

Treat her like the queen she is,

Right now she might be just your Miss,

Later on she might become your Mrs,

Donít abandon her when the struggles come,

Because one day youíll want to go back and she just wants to be done,

Men you know what Iím talking about,

Without her, you just lose track of your route,

You claim sheís the one,

Every chance you get make her feel like she won,

Not even talking about an argument,

Let her know, you and her are meant,

For each other,

Would you want your life to be like rocks and needles or cream and butter?,

Grant it, life wonít always be easy,

Put her at ease,

Let her know,

Sheís not alone,

You and her are a team,

And you guys are each otherís support beams,

Sheís crying or stressed,

Be there for her and make her feel her best,

You are her king,

Even if you donít have a wedding ring,

Take that bullet for her,

Just remember, donít make her life harder