The Mom Who Don't Know Me

Posted by Christian on October 14, 2018

It all started when my brother called for me,

I wasnít sure where I was supposed to be,

I pulled up, just to see,

my sister refuse to go home,

I talked to her letting her know she wasnít alone,

Her friendís mom pulled up,

No big deal, with my sister, I tried to toughen her up,

She said her life has been rough,

But little did I know, their mom was a bitch and threatened me with cuffs,

But I know who and how I am, not like the mom acting all big and tough,

She asked me what was going on,

I told her I was taking my little sister home and I would be gone,

She started talking to Leann,

Then I got on the phone with my dad and,

Told him her friendsís mom put herself in my business,

After that, between me and the mom their was nothing but stiffness,

I told her this was between a brother and sister,

Then she got really sinister,

Telling me I donít know her,

So what did I do? I looked dead in the eye and said you donít know me,

In my head Iím thinking I have connections, Iíd like to see,

A bullet go in your temple,

God damn Christian and they say I donít physically exist,

Yea, thatís just my twist-


sense of humor,

Christian, continue I want to hear the rest,

Well itís not a lot but what I did was best,

I told Leann to get in the car,

Even tough we wereínt going far,

Around the corner at the most,

Went to my dadís house and told him about the beef that was on roast,

He took care of the situation a bit,

Which was good cuz if I had seen the mom again, it would be the end of it,

Hey Obi, bro thanks,

Why? I havenít done anything but work for walmart trying to make bank,

You make me stronger than what I actually am,

Your welcome, but let me get this cart done, Dottie and Nicole are on one and itís almost 10PM.