It's Time

Posted by Christian on September 29, 2918

What if itís time to step away?

Now my thoughts constantly sway,

Like what am I going to be today?

Am I going to be ok?

I donít know stop asking me questions.

Could this be about it?

My life used to be exciting and lit,

But now it barely burns,

Iíve taken enough turns,

After the surgeries, itís like Iíve been burglaried,

Now I dress like Ned from Nedís Declassifieds

Button down shirt,

Cuz of the doctors that made me hurt,

Now with a drain tube, whatís next?

Mr. Pettigrew, weíre prescribing you with lube,

Why? So this tube can fall out faster?

Maybe then Iíll bleed out,

Iíve figured it out,

Just let me die,

All this over a damn infection,

Why not a full body inspection?

Catch you out of nowhere,

Now just pull it out and Iím gone