Between Me and You

Posted by Christian on July 11, 2019

Sorry it took so long was waiting for the words to come,

It was the summer of '98,

That was chosen, your fate,

Not a glimpse of hate,

Was running through your veins,

Knowing soon and for the rest of your days,

My infant self would end up calling you dad,

Grant it, I'm sure there were days I was bad,

First you didn't raise no real boy, you raised a real man,

Doesn't take much to be a father,

And you proved that,

This isn't a rap,

So not going rat-a-tat-tat,

You didn't go back to florida or leafe me on a doormat,

I hope that your proud,

Because of you I followed the right crowd,

Wasn't allowed to just walk the streets,

Just watched your beats,

Now I'm a mini you,

That I'm glad to be,

The night of my 15th, you had that stroke,

I was scared woke,

You and mom were usually broke,

But you always put us first,

Whats worse?

When I dropped out,

I got with Tara, and my life went down, but you helped put me back on route,

Lafayette came about,

I was still in Indy working at a pizza place figuring myself out,

Then I met Emilie, you guys opened up and let her,

Move in with me in the garage when  you didn't have to,

Then it's kinda cool,

That we work together at lease until your OGP,

Be back I have to pee,

I'm glad to have you cuz you helped me see,

How to be the best I can Be.