Posted by Christian on July 15, 2019

Cried myself to sleep last night,

Hoping everything would be alright,

But no,

Something kept going through my head,

Those damn dread,


Memories I have of you,

What’s even more fucked up? They came from out the blue,

So can we just sit here and have a brew,

Of coffee,

I felt you could of been a good mommy,

But what happened?

I feel abandoned,

Remember that one time you left me stranded?

Well, I was left at dad’s house, so young I just lost it,

Who was there for me after that? Jamie.

Dad couldn’t he worked 3rds for Caterpillar,

What was your excuse? Grandpa wanted me?

You probably just didn’t want us three,

Damien and Leann were good enough for you huh damn,


I’ve heard a lot about you from the past,

Told you were smart, good with money this and that but who knew how long it would last,

What else is fucked up? Whenever I’m asked,

Who my mom is, I don’t say it’s you anymore,

I think it’s about time I open that closet door,

Now since we’re alone indoors,

Let me get this straight, I don’t want to be ignored,

It’s been a lot of seasons,

Since you seen your kids and for a few reasons,

Let me ask you a question,

Even if you’re high it doesn’t take any hesitation,

Do those drugs still have you?

Or which ones are left for you to do?

With any fuckin luck, you done got into them mushrooms,

Oh who am I kidding they’re probably not new,

What about James Glendon?

He’s probably already made them bruises blend in,

With in your skin,

Belinda, I’ve seen it all,

Hell I’ve even done some of it, hows about we not start to bawl,

Another reason you might not want me,

Maybe because of Kacey?

Shits crazy,

I was 14, it’s been almost a decade,

Pretty sure both have moved on,

But something I don’t want is for you to be gone,

Stop playing me or your kids like a pawn,

So can I count on you to try and have a part in our lives again?

Atleast try to make amends?

For now at lease friends?

Maybe this will count,

Hell I’ll even give you my facebook account

Christian’s personal Facebook has been removed.