Fuck It

Posted by Christian on June 6, 2019

Iíve changed,

I donít miss the click, clack, and bang,

Done reppiní

The 317,

In need of a new outlet,

Just canít get shit,


Not shit at the end of this tunnel of light,

In a fight with myself,

Everything Iíve done, Iíve put on the shelf,

Tried this and that,

Now time to look at the facts,

Got a girl I donít make time for thatís a wrap,

Canít name one thing Iíve done and people actually give a crap,

I tried rap,

But why do you think I write?

Ainít I just a fucking delight,

Not one acknowledgement in sight,

Thought I could be the next Mark Zuckerburgh but fuck it right?,

I tried coding,

But itís like oh hey,

that didnít work,

Even with failures, glad Iím not a deskclerk,

Sitting in a cubicle,

But my eyes always goes back to you,

To give me the ability to continue,

When I run out of juice,

Youíre there to break me loose,

From my chains,

You get the blood going through my veins,

Even with the pain,

And some days,

There is rain,

But who is there to blame?