Steven, You Thought

Posted by Christian on December 14, 2018

Alright, going against my ethics,

Let me try this method,

Youíre a fucking bitch, you bitch,

With you I donít know what to do I canít move a fucking inch,

It almost sounds like you canít handle your own beef,

You might not see it but let me give you a little debrief,

Everybody can tell, you donít respect your associate-,

s, You think you have them but how much you willing to bet?

You decided to team up with Doug and you knew it was too early,

You told me you let your personal life cloud your judgement,

When you pulled me, you knew I wasnít content,

So now my career is on the line cuz your life is bent?

Mother fucker this donít make sense!,

You also told me you would put me on water everyday for several weeks,

Retaliation of an associate? Are you mentally weak?

Or do you think I pose a threat to your position?

Is my termination something youíre wishing?

Canít tell you this at work,

Then we would be on Jerry Springer cuz one of us went berzerk,

Now to answer your question, I didnít stop,

Cuz I thought we were playing around, and Donald doesnít care so do me a favor and stay off my cock