Posted by Christian on November 15, 2018

At the very top,

Just waiting till I flop,

And fall to the bottiom,

What I want in life I already got íem,

Sometimes I feel dumb,

For the stuff Iíve done,

Got no time to run,

Just sit here and enjoy the fun,

Ask what Iíve been up to, just say, nun,


Just not in a rush,

Havenít had enough,

Then with my soft touch,

I feel the venom,

Fighting the Demon,

Thatís in me,

For as far as I can see,

I think Iím close to doing the deed,

Devil seed,

On her, what did I do with the keys,

To go pay the living fees,

What the fuck is that?,

Itís big and red, man this shit is wack,

Telling me I need to pick up the slack,

The fucking devil,

Needs to get on my level,

Then it says I want your soul,

First off I donít have it, can I put you in this hole?,

Oh brother, hell no,

You sure are on a roll,

Christian can I join you instead of being a foe,

Sure as long as you help make this dough,

All of a sudden I go the sleep, wake up and feel the devilís venom,

Helping the Demon,

Inside me,

Alright Devil, whatís the fee?

Donít you see,

Thought you knew what I need?,

Is for you to take the lead,

This certainly doesnít ring a bell,

Dumbass, take over hell,

Too late, out of nowhere I fell,

Unconscious and in a cell,

Well, shit, oh well.