Time and True Part 1 and 2

Posted by Christian on September 21, 2018

Part 1

Forget the small talk,

Just gonna get with it and not even walk,

She’s something I never thought I’d feel again,

What if this time with her, I finally did win?

It hasn’t been long,

But it doesn’t feel like I went wrong,

This is the strongest I’ve felt in years,

And yet, I didn’t even need any beers

To be able to say that,

Almost like I took a swing at it with my bat,

And I got a homerun,

Even better that when I’m with her, life doesn’t feel like a ton,

It was our second date,

We went to the movies and a drive with no fear of being late,

And from that day forward, I knew,

All I wanted was to be with you,

I shouldn’t talk about it but you know those stupid commercials that say Help I’ve fallen and can’t get up?

Well this time I’ve fallen and don’t wanna get up,

Yo, Christian whats up with this lovey dovey shit and you don’t wanna get up, you lazy fucker,

Obi, bro chill, stop acting like you can get any luckier,

Alright Christian, I want details who we talking about?

Her name is Emilie and without a doubt,

She’s the only one I truly want to be with

Part 2

Iíve had a lot of bad experiences but something with you clicked,

Just as strict,

As the ballpoint of my pen,

Iíve once given up on dating but thanks to you, I decided to try it again,

But this time, I ainít an angry customer demanding for a refund,

Cuz after all, you and I this is fun,

I think itís been said before, with time it does become true,

Iím trying to figure out if I lost myself or if I know what to do,

But I know I found you, thatís close enough right?

Iím not for any bullshit or teenage stuff tonight,

So me and you lets just think of us,

And when the going gets tough,

I donít see us standing here holding the white flag,

I never said it before but on us, there is no price tag,

Hope you donít mind Emilie, let me reflect on the past,

Many of my relationships didnít last,

But you, I donít see as an ex,

Man fuck the sex,

Without you, Iím just a hot fucking mess,

And for us, in the past month, life has just been a test,

Going to be honest, there was one time I slipped up,

However, my love,

Thereís no more of them,

Between us, I like how things have been,

Past few years, the thoughts in my head might be dreary,

But one thing is for sure, I think youíre the one I want to marry